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New Products
Our professional facial steamer features both vapor and ozone steamer. Works off of a timer and shuts off automatically when water level gets too low. Easy to refill. Has 4 omni-directional rolling wheels and a hand-bar for safe mobility.
Our revolutionary Classic Elite just got 25% brighter and 100% better. Introducing the Classic Elite 2 with crisp 5,600K HD Daylight lighting for professional lash extension, permanent makeup and microblading artists.
The MONO Light is a single, powerfully bright, new daylight lamp with two dimming settings. Our LED technology is packed into this beautiful design, and it is geared to provide PREMIUM illumination for microblading, lash, nail, and pmu technicians.
This device is specially-designed for the eyes and features 4 different modalities + Red LED Light Therapy to help reduce under eye puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and face.
This device features 5 different modalities - RF (radio frequency), EMS (electrical massage stimulation), Methoporation, Electroporation, and LED Light Therapy with 7 different light options.
Our Mist Atomizer is the perfect tool for instantly curing/setting eyelash extension glue, for rehydrating lashes and fortifying lash adhesive. Also soothes any irritation cause by glue fumes.
Our NEW Brow Enhancing Gelfix with Nano-Peptide Complex instantly defines, thickens and grooms your eyebrows for a natural looking finish.The lightweight formula features thickening microfibers to create lush brows and locked-in color that lasts12 hours.
Our professional LED Light Therapy machine features 3 colors (red, blue, mixed) with 960 LED light photons and a 360 degree rotating extension arm for treating clients with acne and aging skin. Can treat large areas (face & neck) simultaneously.