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Student Testamonials

Student Testamonials
"I really liked the step-by-step instructions and the small size of the class. Everything was very clear and understandable. I am looking foraward to learning more advanced techniques in the future." J. Grady (8/2015)

"Amazing atmosphere and such an incredible teacher! Patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. I found the hands-on practice very helpful and awesome!" E. Magliano (11/2015)

"Everything was great! This workshop was very helpful. I learned a lot and felt comfortable the whole time. The material covered was very valuable. I found out new information I didn't know about. I got to answers to everything I had questions about. Learning how to remove lashes was very helpful to know, especially when doing refills." E. Marquez (7/2016)

"I really liked the small class size so the instructor could spend more time and attention with each of us. Everything was great and thoroughly covered". L Segura (7/2016)

"I liked it all. The trainer was excellent. Really loved being able to work on each other and get hands-on training right away." C. Escalante (8/2016)

"I loved every moment of this class. Everything I needed to learn was covered. The trainer was so patient and really took the time to guide us through every step of the application." J. Levy (8/2016)

"I just took the eyelash extension workshop and loved it. It was very thorough and included theory and hands-on practice. I am already starting to fill my books with lash clients at the salon." A. Weed (8/2016)

"The workshop was very thorough and very detailed. Absolutely everythng was covered. I love details. Every question I had prior to coming in was answered without having to ask." C. Hernandez (10/2016)

"The instructor knew her stuff. Because of the small class and the one-on-one attention, I was able to get answers to all kinds of questions. I found all the material covered to be very valuable. I particularly liked learning how to isolate each individual lash." J. Tate (5/2017)

"I really liked the small class size of the workshop. It felt like you were getting really attentive one-on-one training.  The best technique I learned was isolation, how to identify and separate the right lash for application." S. Hudson (9/2017)

"I thought the eyelash extension workshop was excellent - very thorough and interesting. In addition to learning the technique of applying eyelash extension, the most valuable information I got out of the workshop was tips for marketing and building clientele." M. Gordon (12/2017)

"Loved it all! In just one day, I received full, thorough training. All my questions were answered and the trainer was very professional. One particular technique I found very useful was how to use both hands with sharp tweezers." J. Rizzo (1/2018)

"Thanks for the class, I loved it !! I would love for you to do a demo at my school. I am happy to recommend you. Your EE class is wonderful and the kit is amazing." A. Huachaca (1/2018)